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We Are Entertaining New Ideas

We are currently working with the Highlander Imagine project - developing a series of Highlander novels, which are fully authorized by Davis-Panzer Productions and StudioCanal Films Ltd; but we would love to hear your pitch on any book - even Highlander Imagine. 

If you decide to pitch RK-Books, and it is about doing a Highlander Imagine work with us, send it as a one-page summary or overview of your story idea.

In General:

* For fiction, give a list of the characters, the time period the story is set in, the generalized plot, and the final resolution. This should take no more than a page.

* For nonfiction, state your topic and give a brief (approximately two- or three-lines each, please) chapter by chapter or subject by subject, synopsis. Unless the book you are pitching is over 700 pages, this presentation should be no longer than two pages.

All pitches will receive a response stating whether or not we are interested in your idea.