Highlander Imagine: Beyond Infinity

“This is impossible!” Paula exclaimed.
“It’s just superstition and primitive ignorance—

nothing more. It can’t be real.”
 But what if it is?”Kawill asked quietly.

“What if there is a great beyond?”

Duncan MacLeod becomes embroiled in an adventure, which takes him to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacán. Having purchased a rare set of ancient South American llama statues, Duncan is unaware of their ritual significance to an immortal Olmec, named Kawill, who intends to repeat a dark ritual, written on a codex in the Olmec language, and stop time, as the Aztecs understood it. Can Duncan stop this Immortal before time is up?

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Highlander Imagine Series Book One: For Love's Sake in Minneapolis, MN

Highlander Imagine: For Love's Sake

"He's coming for me, Duncan!"

Duncan threw his arms around Tessa - the woman he loved more than his own life - as if by this act and his force of will alone he could somehow halt the impending nightmare which was unfolding around them. When an apparent drug-related shooting nearly takes Tessa Noël's mortal life, Duncan and Richie search for the shooter to bring him to justice. Immortal Amanda is on the prowl again, and her feminine instincts have led her back to the irresistible Duncan, complicating matters. Tessa is unexpectedly confronted with secret information she could not have foreseen coming, threatening to unravel the bond between her and her ruggedly handsome, immortal Highlander. But it isn't Amanda's wanton desires Tessa has to worry about when hostile Immortals close in. Duncan, katana in hand, prepares to take heads in a fight to return their lives to normal. But can he detect the real threat in all the confusion around him before it is too late?

Highlander Imagine - Code Name: Immortal

“Since when do Immortals need an excuse to kill Watchers?” Annelise snapped.
“It was just evening the score for

what those people do to you people.

I would’ve done the same,” she finished, coldly.

Aghast, Duncan did a double take.
“Kill Watchers—what are you saying? What score are you talking about?”
“I know now who’s responsible for what happened to my brother,” she continued. “Connor promised he would help me free him—he’s on his way there now, but I know it’s a trap. You’ve got to help me, Duncan. Take me to Connor before it is too late for both of them.”