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Golden Downs Series

Quest for Golden Downs is the first book in the Teddy and Louis series, and begin the saga of a small red fox, a rare Akhal-Teke racehorse, and a 20th-century knight and his family on their land granted estate in East Sussex England. The story opens with Louis, having been chased from his territory by a pack of foxhounds, deciding to take back his home on Golden Downs Estate once and for all. With that, he hatches a convoluted plan to end the foxhunts and send the old hunt-master, Sir Winston Quincy Smyth, into permanent retirement. It was conceived as a boldly simple plan and all he felt he really needed to make it work was a simple horse who would be willing to work for him alone. What could possibly go wrong? But simple isn't what Louis specializes in, and before he realizes it, his plan becomes a tangled web of lives. Saddled with a psychologically crippled horse, Louis is forced to seek help from a massive, 'walking carpet' of a dog, and bed down with a 'killer' rabbit for protection, as life spirals out of control around him. Before he can dig himself out from under the many lives he has reluctantly become involved with, he suddenly finds himself, and his beloved friend, on a collision course with a 20th-century knight. What else could possibly go wrong?

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Bastian - Defender of Golden Downs, is the second book in the Teddy and Louis series, continuing the story of Golden Downs by taking the reader into the lives of the ancestors of both Winston and Louis - a small red fox - more than 100 years earlier. From the moment Bastian, a black and red silver fox from Quebec Canada, found the stowaway, Louis Horatio Smyth, in his packing crate aboard the transatlantic freighter La' Bell St. Lawrence, now far out in the ocean, he had no way of knowing what a tangled web he had just walked into. Louis, the son of a respectable physician, Bartholomew Smyth of Golden Downs estate, was anything but responsible. A scheming teenage scamp, he lived by the seat of his pants through one misadventure after another - most of them with women. With his last amorous romp, nearly sending Golden Down woodlands up in flames, Bartholomew sends Louis away to prep school in the hopes of molding him into a responsible gentleman. But Louis had other ideas from the start. Jumping the train, he becomes a stowaway on a ship, he believes, is heading for France - and more amour! Unfortunately, as with all his previous misadventures, this time he had literally 'missed the boat'. Unbeknownst to the care-free Louis, back on English soil, an assassin is preparing to strike Louis' family on Golden Downs.

Last Knight of Golden Downs

When Samantha's preschool play involves knights of old, her family is more than willing to help her prepare for her acting debut. With her imagination now in high gear, the 5-year old dreams her own special fairy tale dream. But when she insists it is real and her grandfather, a 20th-century knight, must take up her 'quest' and find her kingdom's magic bag of gold before the sorcerer returns, everyone is soon tired of her endless pleas. After all, it was only a dream. Suddenly, the stone dragon and Sorcerer appear, and soon Samantha is in his evil grasp! Before anyone realizes what is happening, everyone is hurtled into a real-life version of the final chapter of Samantha's life or death fairy tale nightmare, on Golden Downs.